If there's something you do not know or you are not sure about,
related to jewelry and it's terminology, you can consult our Frequently Asked Questions section...

01) What is Carat?
The Carat is a unit of weight and quality. In diamonds, Carat is used to calculate the weight (mass) and corresponds to 0.2 grams. In jewelry, the Carat is a measure of Quality - Purity. Gold, ( VALAURO Small Logo ) is divided into 24 Carats.
02) How many Carats are usually in jewelry?
The gold alloys used in jewelery are usually 8, 9, 14, 18 and 22 Carats with most common those of 14 Carats. In VALAURO Small Logo we use 8, 14 and 18 Carats for the manufacture of our rings.
03) Are there 24 Carat gold jewelry;
We can not manufacture 24 Carats jewelry, due to the increased softness that the particular metal has and makes it extremely difficult to process. The maximum that can be used is 22 Carats and only in handmade jewelry, usually of archaic type.
05) How can I tell/check how many Carats is a jewel?
Every manufacturer is obligated by law to indicate in some point of the jewelry which he produces, the number of Carats, which usually appears as a percentage per thousand. Based on this rule therefore we have:

  •   8 Carats: 333
  •   9 Carats: 375
  • 14 Carats: 585 (Substantially 14,04)
  • 18 Carats: 750
  • 22 Carats: 916
07) Why is that my Diamond / Wedding Ring turns yellow?
As we already mentioned (differences between White Gold and Platinum), essentially white jewels are based on yellow gold and with the addition of specific alloys and proportions we manage to impart an intense whiteness that usually have Diamond Rings or White Rings. But because the color brought by the mix is not white enough, all white jewels through some additional processing steps (relatively to the yellow jewels) such as electrolysis and metallisation, "are stained", obtaining thereby the bright white color that we see in the new jewelery. Since the "staining" but this is on surface only and due to the specific nature of the wedding ring (wearing them constantly and comes into contact with anything you touch) and the "legs" of Solitaire Rings (the lower part of the ring), wears and discolors - the paint is removed - actually restoring the natural color of White Gold which is "yellowing".
08) Can we restore the original intense white color in case of wear and if yes, what will the cost be?
By the same method we use for the first time during manufacturing, we can restore the bright white color of the ring / wedding ring at anytime. The cost ( in VALAURO Logo rings) of the restoration of the color is determined after agreement with the shop where you bought the wedding rings from.